Sterling Fundways carries a large variety of carnival games for all types of events. Our games can be used for fundraising events, school and church carnivals, festivals, parties, and more and provide a wide variety of skill and luck levels that are fun and challenging for all ages.  Click on each game name to see a photograph.

Game and Booth rental are $25/day. All games are subject to a delivery fee.

Easy Skill

  • Pitch Till U Win: Toss ring over peg, whatever you ring, you win.
  • Clown Face Bean Bag: Toss two bean bags through the clown’s mouth.
  • Mickey Bean Bag: Toss two bean bags through Mickey’s hands.
  • Garfield Bean Bag: Toss two bean bags through Garfield’s mouth.
  • Roll Down: Roll balls into numbered slots. Total score of under 12 or over 30 wins.

Easy Luck

  • Win Lose Draw:   Roll balls down trying to make three in a row.
  • Rainbow Roll:   Roll balls into colored slots, one in each color wins.
  • Duck Pond:   Choose a duck from the pond. The number on the bottom of the duck denotes the prize.
  • Spinning Wheel: Guess a number, spin the wheel.
  • Bumper Car:  Push car on the track, wherever it stops is where the player chooses the prize.
  • Lollipop Tree: Choose a lollipop from the tree, a colored tip wins a larger prize.
  • Pick a Pencil: A colored tip wins a prize, no color on the tip you keep the pencil.
  • Pan Game: Toss a ball into colored slots.
  • Road Rally: Multi-player race game.
  • String Game: Pull three strings of colored paddles. Match two to win.
  • Plinko: Drop a chip from the top of a maze, the chip lands in a prize slot.
  • Birthday Wheel: A wheel with months and holidays. Guess where it stops to win.

Medium Skill

  • Captain Hook:  Player tosses rings, trying to make one on the hook.
  • Fat Cat: Toss balls at “cats”. Knock down two out of two to win.
  • Krazy Kans: Try to knock six cans off platform with two bean bags.
  • Pitch Out: Toss bean bag into the “catchers” mitt to win.
  • Frog Hop: Launch frog trying to land in the lily pad.
  • Cue Ball: Shoot golf ball with pool cue and try to make it into the cup.
  • Bucket Drop: Toss ball into angled “bucket”. If it stays in, you win.
  • Pin Ball: Roll ball at pins placed at the end of the alley, trying to knock them down.
  • Bottle Bash: Toss bean bags at wooden bottles, trying to knock them over.
  • Big Mouth: Toss wiffle balls into the clown’s big mouth.
  • First and Ten: Toss football into the receiver’s waiting arms.
  • Shuffle Alley: Slide pucks down the alley trying to land in the holes.
  • Ring Toss:   Toss rings onto colored pegs, the color denotes the prize.
  • Lucky Strike:   Toss quarters onto targets, trying to land in the red.
  • Sidewinder: Try to drive the ball to the end of the curving road without falling off.
  • Shuffleboard: Slide three pucks, trying to knock up six pins.
  • Slap Shot: Try to slide a puck through the goal to win.
  • Star Dart: Throw suction cup dart at stars on the board.
  • Tip A Troll: Toss bean bags at rows of trolls, trying to knock them over.
  • Stop and Throw: Toss bean bags into a stop light, trying to get one in each color.
  • Mini Basketball: Throw ball through the hoop, two out of two wins.
  • Cane Toss: Toss rings over canes in table, you win what you ring.
  • Balloon Dart: Player receives two darts to pop two balloons.
  • Apple Dart: Player receives two darts to stick two different red apples.
  • Teddy Bear Toss: Toss rings over bear and block.
  • Milk Can: Toss two balls into can to win.
  • Match Color: Drop balls into colored slots, match two to win.
  • 7-11: Toss two balls into numbered slots trying to total 7 or 11.
  • Ball in Keg: Toss balls into kegs, two out of two wins.
  • Add Em Up Dart: Throw darts at a numbered board and add up score.
  • Suction Cup Dart: Throw suction cup dart at colored and star targets.
  • Bowler Roller: Roll ball over hump and into dip. If the ball stays in the dip, you win.
  • Monkey Face: Toss balls into monkey’s mouth to win.
  • Tic Tac Toe: Toss balls into slots trying to make three in a row.

Medium Luck

  • Knock A Block: Swing ball trying to knock off the colored blocks or dice.
  • Ring A Bottle: Toss rings over bottles. If you ring one, you win.
  • Color Ball: Place ticket on color square, toss ball into colored slots, a match wins.

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